Crash Only/Serendipity

At the beginning of the year I saw two things Venkatesh Rao had shared, one from the NYT on serendipity, and a toot on a crash only approach to managing new years resolutions. The idea of information encountering as a behavior/personality trait rather than chance was fascinating to me. Crash only, having no clue what it was, I just wanted to find out more about later.

Today, I just did another round of reading inspired by these two discoveries and finished this summary of the research mentioned in the NYT piece as well as the explanation of crash only on his blog, and found a bunch of cool fodder for later thought in there. The concept of the zero state fallacy is pretty legit.

The thing that stands out to me in both these threads is that they’re basically about the illegibility of life, and how sometimes increasing illegibility can be an asset (accelerating into a crash, paying attention to encountered information). This shouldn’t be a surprise, given that I found out about this sense of illegibility through his blog.

I don’t yet have more to say about this, really, but they’re both interesting enough concepts to be worth sharing.